• Gender-specific mental health services to women with histories of substance use and mental health disorders.


We are a 501c3, nonprofit

  • providing specialized care and best practice treatment to women and families with mental health needs around pregnancy, postpartum, and parenting with an emphasis on family-centered and trauma informed care.

Our Vision

Why is this important?

  • Untreated maternal mental health is the number one predictor for future behavioral, emotional, and cognitive development in children
  • PMAD’s are the number one complication of pregnancy
  • Highest divorce rate is the first year postpartum
  • Untreated parents tend to have more unfavorable parenting styles
  • 10% of dads suffer from postpartum depression
  • Can become a chronic mental health issue if untreated

Our mission is to provide best practice services to include prevention, early intervention, and treatment for all women and families impacted by Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMAD's). 

​​It is our vision for ALL women and families to have access to quality care around pregnancy, postpartum, and parenting

Our Misson

  • WHI specializes in high-risk, underserved populations